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What are the easy ways to get money?

Need for cash can knock your door at any time. It is difficult to predict it even minutes before. What to do in such situation, if you do not have it with you. Credit card is a handy option, but many people do not use them. You can apply for loan, but a conventional loan will take days, weeks or some time months to get processed. A common stumbling block in the way of getting money is bad or no credit. You may have had the wind knocked out of your credit report due to financial problems in the past. Or you are still about to build a credit report. There are many ways of getting loan easily even if you have a bad or no credit rating. These ways are also faster the conventional loans.

Credit unions

Credit unions are financial institutions just like banks. They keep deposits, issue loans, have investment plans etc. But they are non-profit organizations unlike banks and are owned by their members. Their rates are fair, competitive and lower than banks. They work towards the financial betterment of their members. They pass along any profit made by the organization to their members as small dividends. The members of credit unions have something in in common—like working in the same industry or living in the same geographic area, belonging to same community or church, attended the same college, served in the military services etc. You can contact a credit union with which you share something in common. The average interest rate for loans at credit unions is 11.55 percent compared to 12.89 percent for bank.


If your loan request is being rejected by banks and financial institutions on account of your low credit rank, then ask them for secured loans. You borrow the money in this case against an asset you own such as a home, car, boat, savings or even stocks. Failing to pay off the debt will have your asset confiscated. These loans have lower interest rates and better terms. You can borrow a good amount on secured loans. The amount you borrow will depend on the equity you have in your asset. If you pay them on time, they will help to improve your credit score.

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